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A 45 minute dynamic mat pilates class suitable for all levels, targeting the entire body with a focus on core strength and stability, with a little cardio training thrown in the mix.

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A nourishing Flow for the mind and body, moving slow and mindfully through poses to open the hips, spine and back body and encourage a consistent and steady breath. 

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A 45 min dynamic Vinyasa Flow with a focus on breath - movement connection. Reiterating the potency of connecting with the breath and allowing it to guide our journey from pose to pose and create a sense of ease in moments that are challenging and build heat (tapas)

Fiona is amazing to work with. She is passionate and creative in all she does, giving 100% to every event. Her attention to detail and vision is exemplary and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of her services. Thank you, Fiona!

Leann Tremul, Volunteer Coordinator, Cystic Fibrosis Geelong Inc.

I could write hundreds of pages on what I’ve gained from Fiona’s Yoga classes. I rarely suffer headaches anymore, I am calmer, I breathe, I sleep, I no longer have pain. I relax and I focus. The guidance, compassion and gentle nature of you, Fiona, is what has led me here.

Melinda Milligan, Student, Move Yoga classes.

From the beginner yogi to some trained yoga teachers in the room, Fiona skillfully guided us all with equality, positivity and knowledge. Safety is paramount to her teaching principles, and I feel honoured that Fiona is sharing her time and practice with us. We love you, Fiona.

Helen Duncan, Director, Adult Ballet Studio, Geelong.

You have given so much joy to my whole family and we can never thank you enough for fostering our children’s love of dance. I hope our paths continue to cross forever. Thank you simply is not enough, Fiona.

Sarah Jeffreys, Mother of Dance student, Infinite Dance Studios.