Multidisciplinary creative practice enriching productions of all genres and mediums.
Keynote Presentations
Dance Choreography and Education
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Move for Keynote Presentations

A richly and diversely skilled creative professional, Fiona’s experience, approach and industry understanding inspires action in those who meet her.

As a long-term advocate of the revolutionary and transformative power of Dance as a medium, Fiona is fiercely passionate about instilling mindfulness and discernment in an industry that constantly encourages strain, exertion and excellence at all costs. Sensitive to dancers’ physical, mental and emotional well-being, Fiona’s driving force is a bid to raise awareness in the Dance industry, empowering dancers to have a strong sense of self; self-awareness, self-appreciation and self-love.

Fiona’s trademark warmth of character and engaging style of presentation make her an exciting selection for keynote presentations that highlight Dance advocacy, holistic Dance philosophy, and creative business practice. Fiona specialises in highlighting contemporary issues underpinning the medium including Dance for youth empowerment, creative development and community engagement. Those who engage with Fiona are led in discovering their own individual ‘magic’, a sense of wonder that will fuel attendees long after the presentation is over.

What to expect:

  • Warmth, skill, professionalism
  • A unique, creative and entertaining spin on your event
  • Insightful and evidence-based presentations
  • Moving and inspiring content
  • Facilitation of strong networking opportunities for education-based attendees
  • An understanding of the importance of creative access and self-expression for young dancers
  • To leave with a fire in your belly

Move for Dance Choreography and Education

Move is the culmination of Fiona’s 20-year presence on the international Dance stage as an artist, choreographer and qualified dance educator.

After completing her formal studies in Dance (Deakin University), she travelled abroad from 2003-5 dancing and choreographing her way through Europe. Fiona directed, produced and choreographed her own own 12-piece ensemble show (Salsa Invasion) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2003), teaching Jazz and Tap at major international performance institutions in Scotland (Dance Base Edinburgh) and a nine-month contract in Cyprus and Greece as supervisor, choreographer, dance captain and manager of a team of 70 dancers for major five-star hotel resorts (TMC Tourist Services). In late 2005, Fiona return to Australia and co-founded companies Infinite Dance Studios and Ocean Grove Dancehouse. She is the proud recipient of a Victorian Musical Guild Award and People’s Choice Award for her choreography work in the musical, 42nd Street (Centrestage Geelong 2005).

Fiona’s additional skills in Yoga and Pilates practice have played an enormous role in her approach to Dance choreography and education, both personally and as a mentor. Her driving desire to lift the vibration of creativity and diversity amongst impressionable dancers, budding professionals, choreographers and dance mentors alike has led her to create Move, presenting a refreshingly different approach to an industry that caters for so few. She is proud, passionate, fiercely skilled and deeply interested in facilitating a dynamic, diverse, informative and technically exquisite Dance education for all.

What you can expect:

  • Warmth, professionalism, enthusiasm
  • An exciting approach to choreography for Musical Theatre, Commercial Jazz and Tap
  • Energetic, diverse and thorough workshops dedicated to eliciting students’ fullest potential
  • Improved results in technical execution, composition development and performance quality
  • Creative input and leadership to end-of-year productions, competition routines and criteria-based Dance assessment