An integrated practice creating holistic opportunities for physical development, self-discovery and growth.
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Move for Dance/Yoga Integration

Fiona’s unique skill set as a qualified Dance and Yoga practitioner represents a coming-together of two powerful modalities, the combined benefits of which are afforded to her students.

Having contributed to the dance industry for the past 20 years as a performer, teacher, choreographer and studio director, Fiona’s exposure - both national and international - has opened the doors to an array of opportunities driven and inspired by professional learnings. While it is evident in Fiona’s teachings that Dance occupies a large section of her heart, it is mentoring and inspiring the health and wellbeing of young generations that truly fills her cup with Yoga providing the perfect ‘way in’ to realising these benefits through integrated movement.

Move is dedicated to encouraging the practice of Yoga within Dance studios. The benefits and parallels of doing so are mind-blowing. While young artists are enticed to reach for the stars and push boundaries in order to achieve a one-size-fits-all outcome, Move recommends that success cannot be measured or achieved but instead felt via a strong sense of self-awareness, self-appreciation and self-loved via integrated practice. Yoga classes can be implemented in your Dance studio with the intention to strengthen, condition and align both the physical and subtle (i.e. mind and heart) bodies. It is from this place, unlimited by poor self-belief and free of distraction, that dancers will reach their fullest potential.

What to expect:

Move Yoga-directed Dance classes incorporate the following techniques and areas of practice:

  • Alignment: lots of cues that Dancers can apply to technical dance positions; namely, parallel work, as in Yoga there is minimal external rotation from the hips
  • Yoga Asana (poses): specialised shapes that strengthen and lengthen the core, back-body, legs, and arms and support a neutral spine via a sense of groundedness and expansiveness
  • Intention-setting: a grounding practice undertaken at the start of each class and in order to introduce the philosophy of Yoga in a way that is practical and applicable to life beyond class
  • Breathing techniques to support both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system: this helps calm nerves and anxiety, and generate energy throughout the body
  • Mindfulness: applying basic meditation techniques
  • Anatomy: knowledge facilitating an understanding of the biomechanics of the body (stretch reflexes, conditioning, how muscles work and support each other)

Yoga classes can be accessed as a single one off workshop or a series with a desired outcome agreed by Client and Practitioner. Open to students of age 10 years and above.


'How Hard' - Kit 2018

Photo Gallery

'Give.Get.Flow' 2019
Co Director, Choreographer and Producer of original works from Bind Productions - co-directors Fiona Luca @ Zoee Marsh
Cinderella, Centerstage Australia, 2019
Choreographer of full production
'Elevate' 2018
Co Director, Choreographer and Producer of original works from Bind Productions - co-directors Fiona Luca @ Zoee Marsh